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These unique blends of shea butter, castor oil, vegetable glycerin, essential oils, aloe vera, siberian ginseng, althea root and lavender flowers mixed with black sea salt gives you a wonderful feeling of younger, smoother and healthier skin providing a natural balance between detoxifying, exfoliating and moisture protection. They will pamper your body and the aroma will indulge your soul!

Chocolate Exfoliator
Coffee Beans Exfoliator
Lavender Exfoliator
Rosemary Exfoliator
Sea Kelp Exfoliator
Foot Scrub
Body Buff
Forget messy massage oils in the bottles, just use our mess free massage oil spray and you'll see the difference - Simple and hygienic right amount and precise pinpoint application.
Eucalyptus Massage Oil
Grapefruit Massage Oil
Lavender Massage Oil
Orange Massage Oil
Patchouli Massage Oil
Black Sea Pink Salt is not just a salt, it is one of a kind in the world and the best source for marine minerals and marine beta-carotene. It is harvested using ancient traditions, requiring expert salt makers to delicately gather the salt with wooden hand tools from the eddying salt flats within the marsh. Black Sea Pink Salt crystallizes naturally on top of the water only during the hottest days of the summer. Our unprocessed Black Sea Pink Salt providing iodide, beta-carotene and life supporting trace minerals naturally and is free of chemicals and preservatives. Marine Beta-carotene is important antioxidant and the precursor of vitamin A. Pamper yourself, relieve stress and body aches with our Black Sea Pink Salt!
Black Sea Pink Salt
Black Sea Pink Salt - Jar
Black Sea Pink Salt - Bag

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