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We would like to welcome you to our world of relaxation, luxury, exceptional attention, ultimate comfort and value. As our guest, you are guaranteed above the board treatment every time you visit us. We aim that the pleasure and peace you experience with us will go beyond our gates. Our goal is to set the standard and refine the meaning of experiencing luxury.

The BMS offers a diverse range of treatments specially selected from around the world to meet even the seemingly difficult. From de-stressing, to relaxing, pampering, healing, restoring, nurturing, cleansing, purifying to pure indulgence. At the B.M.S you can expect to achieve visible results because we not only will provide for your physical well being, we will strive to help you attain a harmonious balance mentally and spiritually because we believe that well being is nurtured from the inside..

We consider the many benefits and reasons everybody would love to look inwards for harmony and outwards for comfort. Bearing different life styles in mind, work orientation and commitments, traditional and cultural influences, marital and social obligations, the general nature of our society, pollution and human nature to habit stress, the BMS has created facilities, treatments and therapies that will appeal to every need and address our clients well being and expectations.

In order to provide the best yet, we offer exclusive treatments originating from Africa, Europe, Asia, Israel and the well-known Oriental base where hundreds of years past, rice farmers, every evening pampered their feet, hands and body with healing herbs and natural plant extracts to make sure they were well and good for the next day in the fields. The BMS offers special treatment techniques with the more modern based equipments that address specific body areas with tailored programs.

We have a team of four skilled Balinese therapists with a wealth of experience and knowledge, whose focus will be to achieve the BMS harmony- BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT.
The BMS is supported on-line, you can make reservations, bookings, browse through our facilities, join our reward system, manage their account, make their contributions and link up with latest news and additions.

Our facilities include a very modern GYM, Spa, Outdoor therapy, Swimming pool, Outdoor and Indoor Jacuzzi, Steam, Collectors refined Wine Bar, Private Members Lounge, A Private Business Room, A Private Secretary and Assistant within a Luxurious environment.
We are committed to excellence and well-being. Enclosed are our Membership details, Menu, Retail product range and Contact details.

We are committed to excellence and well-being. Read through our Membership plans, Treatment Menu, Retail Beauty Product range and Contact details.

As a Member, you can expect to make the BMS your home away from home.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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Monday to Saturday:
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Monday to Saturday:
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1.00 pm - 9.00 pm

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