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DELUXE BMS MASSAGE 90 minutes 17,500
The combination treatment of Stress relief and full body G5 massage
created for deep working action after exercise, designed to leave your entire
body feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. This is particularly good for
beginners in the fitness regime.
INDONESIAN MASSAGE 60 minutes 14,000|| 90 minutes 17,500
A Traditional healing message from Indonesian using palm and thumb long
stroke to apply the special blend of essential oils to increase blood
circulation, relieve tired muscles and improve energy flow.
Fitness / Sports Massage - 60 minutes N15,000 || 90 minutes N19,500
The exotic combination of Shiatsu, Indonesia, Thai and Swedish techniques created to isolate muscle groups. It improves blood circulation, tones and relieves muscle tension and soreness often experienced during and after exercise and a stressful day.
Hot Stone Massage - 60 minutes N15,000 || 90 minutes N19,500
From the energy of earth, the hot stones bring the healing power of touch to relax the muscle, stimulate the circulatory and immune system. Hot stones are rolled over the body with determined pressure and warmth. Afterwards the stones are placed on the energy points of the body to encourage the body healing potential.
Relaxation Massage - 60 minutes N13,000
A Full body massage by using palm and fingertip strokes to apply the house blend of essential oils to increase the blood circulation, relaxation & healing.
Aromatherapy - (Single or Couple) 60 minutes N14,000
A nurturing and relaxing massage that will ease a balance of the body, mind and spirit. It works along the pathways of the energy lines. A choice of aromatic pure essentials oil will leave your body relaxed, smooth and regenerated.

Shiatsu Massage - 60 minutes N15,000
This is a form of physical therapy from Japan. The technique uses thumb and palm pressure on the acupuncture points in order to revive the body and mind.


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE 60 minutes N15,000
90 minutes N19,500
COMBINATION 60 minutes N15,000
(Hot Stone + Stretching) 90 minutes N25,000

BMS SPECIAL 90 minutes N27,500
A deeply relaxing, cleansing and purifying massage. This feels like pouring
nutrients right through the skin because it is so thorough and wholesome.
This special massage is preceded by a steam session of 15-20 minutes after
which the entire body is massaged with a warm soft body mask until
absorbed by the body. The result is a feeling of a message, polish and skin
glow, all in one. The treatment is completed with a wash and deep
HERBAL MASSAGE 90minutes N24,000
This sensuous massage is done with traditional steamed hot herbs which
penetrate through the pores to improve blood circulation, boost immunity
and helps to cure cold symptons and tiredness. Good at the end of a long
week. Another BMS special.
Reflexology - 30 minutes N7,000 || 60 minutes N14,000
An ancient healing therapy by pressure points in the feet are stimulated increasing the flow of energy through the body to improve the circulation and eliminate toxins, reduce tension all over the body and awaken the senses.
Bali Touch - 60 minutes N15,000
This massage package starts with scalp treatment by using secret blend of coconut oils, herbs and Vetiver. While the oils absorb into the scalp to moisturize, hydrate and condition the hair, the neck and shoulders are massaged. To complete your relaxation, footbath and reflexology will be performed to release tension and stress.
Stress Relief - 30 minutes N8,500
A deep tissue massage is performed concentrating on the shoulders, neck and head to loosen tight muscles, release tension and stress while your feet soak in an aromatherapy foot spa massage to complete your treatment.
Breast Firming Massage - 45mins = N12,000
A Special beauty massage for firming the breasts with a special cream from the secret ingredients of Malaysia.


Indonesian Lulur - N17,000
Lulur is a regal preparation originating from Java island of Indonesia. It is traditionally given to abridge each day for 40 days, prior to a lady’s wedding to soften, brighten the skin and remove body odor.
Coconut Body Scrub - N16,000
Coconut brings the elements of Thai culture into sweet and aromatic skin scrub. This treatment is nourishing and enriching for a variety of nourishing food and beautiful creative and practical uses in Asia. It is believed to improve fertility.
Deep Cleansing Body Scrub - N16,000
An Indonesian traditional treatment. It’s fresh unique house blended ingredients of candlenut and sea salt to buff away dead skin cells, exfoliating, stimulating while leaving your skin smooth and fresh and toned.
Volcanic Clay Body Mask - N16,000
Clay from volcano is high in kaolin, believed to cleanse, detoxify and prevent wrinkles. Used as a mask to keep the skin cool, free of pigmentation and covered from tropical sun.
Seaweed Mask - N17,000
This rejuvenating treatment from micronized seaweed and clay is high in calcium and magnesium to cleanse, purify, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.
Indonesian Beauty - 120 minutes N29,000
Start with Body Lulur and body polisher followed by aromatic flower bath or Jacuzzi and finish with the body massage.
Lagoon Life - 120 minutes N31,000
Choice of Body Scrub followed by aromatic flower bath or Jacuzzi then finishes with aromatherapy massage
Serenity - 90 minutes N24,000
Start with Aromatic Spice Bath followed by Indonesian massage, press points massage will be given while Bali spice mask is applied and continued with body polisher. The body lotion will be applied after shower.
Idulgence - 120 minutes N31,000
Starts with Warm Foot Bath and Body massage followed by choice of body mask then reflex point foot massage. Body polisher will be applied before an aromatherapy flower bath or Jacuzzi
Royal Escape - 120 minutes N29,000
Choose of body scrub then followed by Jacuzzi or Flower bath then choose of body mask and Press points massage. The body polisher and Body lotion will be applied to complete this treatment.
Anti Cellulite - 60 minutes N14,000
The appearance of cellulite is reduced using Dead Sea minerals and Natural extracts of Guarana and Horse Chestnut that are known for their ability to dismantle adipose tissue OR Anti cellulite and slimming gels with natural herbal extracts from the Malaysian Traditional herbs OR A combination treatment with the G5 MASSAGE. After treatment, the body will be scrubbed then followed by body mask and moisturizer.
Black Mud from The Dead Sea cleans, revitalizes and locks in moisture for a longer period. The Black mud wrap in its nature of treatment helps to tone the skin and energize the muscles as it stimulates blood circulation. It has a rheumatic healing, relieves muscular pain, release painful tension. The Body Butter will be applied after a bath that soften and maintains the moisture in the skin.
Black Mud Body Mask - 60 minute N15,000
• Black Mud scrub
• Black Mud mask
• Reflex Point massage
• Shower
• Body Butter
• Black Mud scrub - 60 minutes N17,000
• black Mud wrap - 60 minutes N17,000
• Reflex Points massage • Body Butter - 60 minutes N17,000

CELEBRATION OF LIFE - 180minutes N71,500

- Handled by 2 experts
• Jacuzzi or Aromatherapy Flower bath
• Choose of Body scrub or Body Mask
• Traditional Full Body Massage
• Choose of Paloma Dead Sea Facial
• Manicure and Pedicure
• Hair crème bath or waxing or prakus steam
• Juice or wine
• with lunch N74,500

SENSE OF BMS 150 minutes 42000
· Express Massage
· Body scrub or Mud mask
· Herbal bath or Jacuzzi or Sauna or Steam bath
· Paloma Dead Sea Facial or Pedicure or Waxing
With Lunch
(get lunch time off 150minutes
SANCTUARY 150 minutes 35000
· Herbal Bath or Sauna or Jacuzzi or steam
· Aroma therapy Massage
· Scrub or Black Mud or Seaweed Mask
· Pedicure or Manicure
Purifying Facial - 60 minutes N13,500
Formulated with Dead Sea black mud and Bess wax, this all-natural mask boosts cell renewal, revitalizes the skin and softens the pores.
Deep Cleansing Facial - 60 minutes N13,500
The masks tone and firm the skin removing dead skin cells giving your skin a vital and healthy look.
Rejuvinating Facial - 60 minutes N13,500
The concentrated blend of Walnut Shell powder, Jojoba oil, Chamomile extract and Dead Sea black mud designed to cleanse, refine rejuvenate and release tension.
Collagen Facial - 60 minutes N16,000
Vitamin C Facial - 60 minutes N16,000
Honey Cucumber Facial - 60 minutes N16,000
Manicure N8,750
Pedicure N9,500
Special Foot Treatment - 75 minutes N13,500
An ultimately soothing, relaxing and cleansing treatment. Before a pedicure, your tired feet and legs are relaxed and refreshed by soak in the foot spa therapy combined with a gentle cleansing then followed with a wonderful foot massage to complete this experience.
Special Hand Treatment - 75 minutes N13,500
This treatment is started with hand scrub then continued by hand and arm massage. It exfoliates and relieves tired hands. A manicure will be given to leave your hand and finger nails looking and feeling exquisite.
Aromatherapy Foot Spa - 30 minutes N6,000
Manicure - 60 minutes N5,500
  French Pedicure - 60 minutes N7,700
Pedicure - 60 minutes N6,500
French Manicure - 60 minutes N6,500
Traditional Nail Art - 1 nail N500
Change Of Polish - Finger nails - N2500
Change Of Polish - Toe nails - N2500
Change Of Polish - Fonger & Toe - N5000
Change Of Shellac - Nails or Toes - N4000
Change Of Shellac - Toes and Nails - N8000
Hair Mask - 60 minutes N7,500
The exotic scalp and hair treatment using black mud from the Dead Sea naturally strengthens hair, roots, removes excess oil, reduces dandruff and invigorates hair and scalp.
Hair Cremebath - 60 minutes N7,500
A deep conditioning of the scalp and hair using natural ingredients of fruits and. Start with shampoo then the head is wrapped in steam hot towels while your neck and shoulders are given a massage.
Eyebrow Tint - 15 minutes N5,500
• Brown
• Black
• Blue black
Eyebrow Shaping - 10 minutes N3,500
Eyebrow Threading - 15 minutes N3,500
Upperlip or Chin Threading - 10 minutes N3,500
Complete Facial Threading - 30 minutes N12,000
with Neck
Neck Threading - N3,500
Full Leg - 40 minutes N7,500
Half Leg - 20 minutes N6,200
BikinilineV - 15 minutes N5000
Under Arm - 15 minutes N3,600
Upperlip - 15 minutes N3,600
Chin -- 15 minutes N3,600
Eye Brow - 15 minutes N3,600
Full Arm - 30 minutes N6,500
Chest - 20 minutes N4,600
Back - 20 minutes N5,600
Bottock - 20 minutes N4,600
Face Wax (ful face without neck) 30 minutes - 12,500
Brazilian 30minutes - N7500
Neck Wax 15minutes - N3600
Full Body ( face, Body + Brazilian ) N30,000
Full Body ( face, Body without Brazilian) N25,000
Full Body + Brazilian without face N22,000
Full Body without Brazilian & face N19,000
Oxy Tarm - N15,000
Intestinal revitalizer
Suco Bloc
Captures sugar during digestion, reduces glucose absorption.

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